Working with Socialization and Psychology of Dogs   

                               with lots of human education

                                            In Home Care 

Including daycare, walks, baths, vet visits, medical  attention, and other services as needed.

Private Training

Private Training is done in and around your lifestyle.  My training is through the principles of canine communication; eye contact, posture and movement.

Training and socialization for dogs and their humans

 Working with shyness, fear or aggressive behavior from lack of socialization. We’ll go over various means of communication as shown by dogs. We will also go over canine and human body language. Also temperament testing to evaluate where your dog is in any given pack at any time.  Sessions may take place anywhere; your neighborhood, dog parks or your home.

I'll give you the play by play just like Vin Sculley does the Dodger!

Behavior  Modification

Fear, shyness, aggressive or dominant behavior, separation anxiety, barking, chewing, nipping,digging, leash pulling, recall, jumping, house manners, housebreaking, begging, crate training, dog-dog issues, dog-human issues, handling issues, resource guarding. Plus temperament testing for shelter and rescue dogs.

Dog Daycare, Boarding Facility, and Dog Handling Consultations

I educate Dog Handlers and the Business Owners on various types of canine communication, canine handling and safety skills. Need help with barking in large or small facilities? Or do you need more information and knowledge on how to evaluate or socialize daycare or boarding dogs. Also working with owners on how to set up and structure your facility. I can help in all aspects of your dog daycare or boarding facility. I really love what I do!!!


If you have special training needs

let me know. I'm happy to make accommodations.