Hello I'm David  Eggers

        Born in Monrovia and raised in Covina both suburbs of Los Angeles, CA.
 I've been studying dogs and animals my whole life. My grandmother was a breeder of Great Pyrenees dogs, so I ate a lot of dog biscuits growing up as a young boy. Maybe that's why I relate to dogs so well. My Aunt had a ranch and bred Arabian horses. So I did a lot of hanging out on the ranch and with the dogs . We also had many of our own animals, horses, dogs, cats, chickens and assorted wild birds.

I have the privilege of living with a 4 dogs.  Peyton  a 10 year old female Jack Russell, Sugar a 8 1/2 year old female Labradoodle and Shoko a female Pit mix who does some amazing things And Tommy Lee a beautifil Pit. 



My Experience

 My style and techniques are based on positive reinforcement.

  Its all about what works for you and your dog.

Not all dogs or humans respond to the same methods.

 Dogs as pack animals respect and expect leadership.

A side from growing up with animals all around me.

I've worked as a Kennel manager, Dog handler, Exotic animal handler ,Head dog Trainer and a Ranch manager working with Dogs, Cats, Raccoons, a Beaver, Birds, Rats, Mice and a pig. 

I've been working, studying and observing dogs in a pack environment (in a cage free setting) for the past 12 years. As well as one on one lessons and group lessons.

 I study pack status, pack mentality and the prey drive of dogs first hand. I've learned how to socialize dogs into a pack setting without issues. And I've learned how to socialize dogs on the street where everyone seems to have all their issues. Understanding body language and learning to read every action the dog makes has given me a much better understanding of the social interaction between dogs and dogs and dogs and humans.

I also attended ABC Animal College!!